Wendt Commons is consolidation of Engineering Learning Center, Engineering Media Services and Wendt Library that expands their impact on College of Engineering teaching, learning and research.

Wendt Commons provides college faculty and staff a "one-stop-shopping" approach to teaching and learning services that supports increased innovation in teaching and technology-enhanced learning. Students benefit from this approach outside the classroom as collaborations within the college allow other student services to be made available within the Wendt Commons learning environment.

What can Wendt Commons help you do?

  • Use Moodle or other learning technologies. Service hours are 10-5, Monday - Friday, except for University holidays. Semester break hours may be different.Call to talk to someone at 265-7811, e-mail tls@engr.wisc.edu, or drop in to 433 Wendt Commons.
  • Help student make the most of the technology they already have, leverage your laptop be to a better student.
  • Use and creating video and other rich media.
  • Improve students' information use via information skills development sessions and/or resource pages.
  • Strengthen your proposals for engineering education-related grants and awards (Engineering Beyond Boundaries, MIU, NSF, etc.). Teaching and Learning Services staff can help strengthen assessment plans and make recommendations for effective implementation plans.