The Teaching Improvement Program (TIP) and the New Educator Orientation (NEO) are programs designed to help instructors and TAs utilize effective teaching strategies and technologies in their classes. TIP/NEO are opportunities for teaching assistants and instructors to learn from each other and share perspectives with both new and experienced engineering educators. Both programs offer a variety of workshops to meet you and your students’ needs.

Through TIP and NEO, educators in the College of Engineering are able to develop professionally and continually improve the skills needed to enhance student learning. TIP/NEO workshops are intended to expose educators to new learning theories and approaches, as well as provide practical suggestions on how to improve teaching and learning.

New Educator Orientation

Teaching Improvement Program

Frequently asked questions

Which should I attend?

New TAs, SAs, UAs, lecturers and faculty in the College of Engineering should attend NEO, while continuing TA’s should attend TIP.

Am I required to attend TIP or NEO?

Yes. All new TAs, SAs, UAs, lecturers and faculty in the College of Engineering are required to attend NEO, while all continuing TA’s are required to attend TIP.  Because each university is different, even those who have attended TA or teacher training at another university must attend.

When are TIP/NEO offered?

TIP and NEO are offered at the beginning of Spring and Fall semesters.

I’d like to present or coordinate a TIP/NEO workshop. Who do I contact?

Faculty, lecturers, and TAs can serve as workshop coordinators or volunteer as a guest speaker to share experiences and techniques. If interested in participating as a TIP/NEO speaker or coordinator, please contact: