Helman, Deborah
Director, Wendt Commons
262-7980dhelman@engr.wisc.edu309 Wendt Commons
Rothwell, Cindy
University Business Specialist
263-5080rothwell@engr.wisc.edu136 Wendt Commons
Teaching and Learning Services
Harris, Elizabeth
Instructional Designer
Assistant Director, Teaching and Learning
890-2109echarris@wisc.edu429 Wendt Commons
Kopp, Sajia
Instructional Technology Consultant
265-2637 431 Wendt Commons
Sprecher, Justin
Digital Media Developer 437 Wendt Commons
Engineering Media Services
Bluschke, Craig
Senior Engineer
265-3976bluschke@engr.wisc.edu1712E Engr Hall
Duerst, Brandon
Video Recording Assistant
263-3163duerst2@wisc.edu1712 Engr Hall
Esmond, Dave
Graphic Designer
262-4816dwesmond@facstaff.wisc.edu1712D Engr Hall
Kraus, Jim
Videographer/Studio Production
263-5678krausj@cae.wisc.edu1712B Engr Hall
Ryan, Pat
Assistant Engineer
265-4962plryan@facstaff.wisc.edu1712 Engr Hall
Smith, Dusty
Digital Media Manager
265-4961dustins@engr.wisc.edu1712A Engr Hall
Sprecher, Justin
Digital Media Developer 437 Wendt Commons
Stevens, Jeff
Operations Manager
263-3163stevens@engr.wisc.edu1712 Engr Hall
Library and Information Services
Bloom, David
Library Services Assistant 138 Wendt Commons
Glorioso, Anne
Circulation and Information Services Librarian
265-9217glorioso@engr.wisc.edu207 Wendt Commons
Hoesly, Jody
Assistant Director, Information Services
262-9455jhoesly@engr.wisc.edu315 Wendt Commons
Schmidli, Laura
Information Services Librarian
890-4621schmidli@engr.wisc.edu213a Wendt Commons
Schryver, Ryan
Reserves & Research Data Librarian
262-9260schryver@engr.wisc.edu205 Wendt Commons
Shimon, Heather
Information Services Librarian
262-0085shimon@engr.wisc.edu231b Wendt Commons
Spitzer, Nancy
Patents & Technical Reports Librarian
265-9802spitzer@engr.wisc.edu313 Wendt Commons
Thomas, Erin
Services Assistant
262-3157 erint@cae.wisc.edu209 Wendt Commons
Wheeler, Diana
Instruction Coordinator
265-9801dwheeler@engr.wisc.edu211 Wendt Commons
Wisconsin Tech Search
Bloom, David
Library Services Assistant 138 Wendt Commons
Burgess, Jodi
WTS Resource Sharing Research Intern
262-5917jburgess@engr.wisc.edu140 Wendt Commons
Conner, Shannon
WTS Assistant
262-5917spconner@engr.wisc.edu140 Wendt Commons
Henrikson, Christy
WTS Resource Sharing Librarian
890-1120henrikson@wisc.edu149 Wendt Commons
Wagner, Karen
WTS Resource Sharing Librarian
262-2846kwagner@engr.wisc.edu147 Wendt Commons
Watters, Rachel
Director, WTS
265-4619rwatters@engr.wisc.edu151 Wendt Commons
Computer and Digitial Services
Moe, David
WisCEL Technology Coordinator
890-4590dmoe@engr.wisc.edu306 Wendt Commons
Additional Programs at Wendt Commons
Binzley, Jenny
Director, Undergraduate Learning Center
265-1099jbinzley@engr.wisc.edu407 Wendt Commons
Mason, Sarah
Associate Director, Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning (WisCEL)
890-0247smason@wisc.edu409 Wendt Commons